Integrated Monitoring

A continuous consulting service that monitors the market on a rolling basis. It is:

Your one-stop shop for news, key events and its impact

A single umbrella that provide information and insights across clinical, regulatory and commercial landscapes


News and information from primary and secondary sources are captured, collated and analyzed to understand market events and provide cogent, synthesized outputs at pre-determined frequencies

Optimal Dose – a newsletter that aims to declutter your inbox through a minimalist approach. Brevity is key to ensuring an ‘Optimal dose’ of relevant market events

Earnings and Healthcare Conferences reporting – Prepared remarks, Q&A and key takeaways will be concisely reported within 12 hours

Primary CI – Data from earnings calls and healthcare conferences, along with secondary research will be triangulated by collecting primary intelligence on a need-to basis using our network of US/EU analysts. Techniques deployed will be consistent with industry standards and based on KITs/KIQs provided

Quarterly reports - The frameworks and analysis plans are carefully vetted to determine the best approach for creating an impactful report