It takes more than in-house research and intelligence to stay ahead in a competitive and dynamic Pharma/Biotech Industry. From introducing the latest, being the first in the market to chalking out the most relevant marketing and sales strategies, data-driven decisions can help you close the gap between success and failure.

At CI Scientists, we provide unmatched consulting services, and actionable pharma competitive intelligence to enable your business to gain a distinctive advantage. We help you determine, where to play and how to win.

A program for your business needs

With our custom curated pharma competitive intelligence program, you’ll be able to gain industry insights regarding the pharma market and make strategic decisions to pave your path, grow your product(s), and eventually increase revenue.

Through detailed competitive analysis and deductive intelligence (both from primary and secondary sources), we help you identify the challenges and bottlenecks and evaluate them to find solutions. This can be achieved by deploying various modules like pipeline analysis, competitor monitoring, conference coverage, clinical trial trackers, corporate deals, and collaborations, or collectively incorporating our integrated monitoring which will bring all disparate research and intelligence nuggets under a single proprietary umbrella.

Comprehensive Pharma Competitive Intelligence Consulting

CI Scientists’ Pharma Competitive Intelligence supports the management and leadership to make better decisions regarding research targets and optimize the marketing and sales strategies to better position themselves in the target markets. Here are some benefits of availing of the services:

Better research and development:

Keep track of industry failures to not repeat the errors competitors are making in drug development. This helps in keeping abreast of best practices in product development strategies. Stay updated with the latest breakthrough therapies and trials to streamline the direction to establish and scale up your drug development plans. With a thorough analysis of the competition, and discovering gaps and unmet needs in the market, we can help in building successful marketing solutions

Dive into unexplored markets:

Stay aware of the changes in the dynamic market. Anticipate changes in the market both from a regulatory and political viewpoint. Keep an eye on the competition as you get to know who is entering or exiting your market, who is collaborating, and which deals have fallen through. Entering new and unexplored markets poses hordes of challenges for pharmaceutical companies. The competitive intelligence services help you quickly assess and measure the environment of the new market, create optimum opportunities and penetrate the market.

Compliance in licensing, mergers, and acquisitions:

Proper due diligence before any kind of licensing or acquisition agreement is critical. Competitive intelligence services keep you ready with analysis and valuable insights which help in determining the synergies between the partnering companies or understanding the mutual operational metrics or understanding the risks involved with any kind of agreement.

Robust marketing strategy:

How, when, and where you launch a new drug is critical to its success. Competitive Intelligence can assist you with key decision-making related to drug marketing and also empower you with better solutions for the market positioning of the assets. It enables the management team to be aware of the competitive details such as competitor brand messaging, key target audience, sales and marketing strategy, promotional activities, etc. Pharma competitive intelligence provides this information in advance and helps you prepare an effective brand strategy for an impressive market launch or ongoing sales and growth.

What We Offer:

CI Scientists provides complete and affordable pharma competitive intelligence services for pharma companies of all sizes. We understand the importance of global competitive intelligence and put in our best to deliver industry-leading insights into competitor operations.

We provide intelligence in:

  • R&D Strate
  • Product Pipeline
  • Launch timelines estimations
  • Sales force assessment
  • Distribution and Marketing Channels
  • Promotional analysis
  • Target assets identification
  • Drug and device development
  • Epidemiology research
  • Clinical trials information tracking and analysis
  • Drug and device patents
  • Forecasting
  • Assessment of potential M&A opportunities
  • Therapy area digests
  • Indication-specific market level hypothesis generation

An Experienced Team:

Our team at CI Scientists is well-versed with the industry standards and norms and are expert in their areas. We have been actively engaged in CI work and are equipped with the right tools to conduct the research and analysis. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry helps us to create valuable, simplified, and in-depth reports for your company’s leadership to make informed decisions

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Factors such as cost, competition, and regulation continuously keep the healthcare environment in a dynamic mode. Our focus on continuous research and collective expertise in the Pharma sector has steadily supported our customers in developing and maintaining dependable market and sales strategies to generate profits, commercialize innovative treatments, and optimize methods to promote existing drug therapies.

Our methodologies have helped several pharmaceutical companies. We keep them up to date with the most comprehensive competitive intelligence information they need to be ahead of the competition and play successful long innings in the market. Our team is pleased to create customized solutions that help you meet your business goals and needs.