Pharmaceutical Pipeline Analysis

As science and technology advance, they enable the pharma companies to experiment and innovate medicines and vaccines that can cure or bring respite to millions across the globe. The need, for the pharma companies, is to stay ahead through research and development(R&D) of potential drugs and stay updated with a comprehensive pharmaceutical pipeline analysis.

CI Scientists’ pharmaceutical pipeline analysis service encompasses drugs from discovery to launch. The pipeline information aids in decision-making with data of preclinical assets to marketed products. From evaluating impending threats to identifying new opportunities for licensing partnerships, we collate and manage information on drugs and provide you with powerful datasets to monitor pipelines of competitors or target companies.

Why Us?

Our pharmaceutical pipeline analysis service helps you evaluate the internal and external R&D drug candidates’ chances of approval and potential development timelines. This analysis can be used to make informed decisions about drug pipeline prioritization, partnerships, and acquisitions. We evaluate a product against various success factors such as efficacy, adverse events, and indications to help you gain insights into the competitive space. We also help you understand the profile of competing drugs including their trial design, study results, and potential labels.

The detailed pipeline analysis helps you understand the competitors’ portfolio by evaluating comprehensive data sets including the probability of overall success, the likelihood of approval, potential for partnership, global trial programs, etc.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Pipeline Analysis

The drug pipeline or pharmaceutical pipeline is a significant indicator of the value and future prospects of a pharma company. Generally, having a high number of compounds in the later stages of clinical development speaks to the company’s deep commitment and sustainability. Other factors that influence the assessment of the value of a pipeline include the size of the target market of each drug, the market share that it is expected to capture, and the ability to be used in multiple indications.

Here’s how pipeline analysis helps our clients:

Cost control:

The cost of developing a new drug is very high and the expenditure runs for a long period. Assessing the risk and mitigating it, as early as possible, for compounds that may not eventually get approved is essential and analysis will provide the relevant data for decision-making.

R&D trends:

Access to data that enables you to examine R&D trends. Some assets are more investigated than others. Knowing the depth and breadth of competitor clinical programs will provide insights into your clinical program.

Prioritize investments:

Depending on the unmet need of various diseases, you prioritize and redirect your focus and allocate your resources to ensure optimal usage of your investments.

Evaluating the competition:

Building the pipeline and understanding the competitive landscape will help identify drug development threats, opportunities, successes, and failures.

Market trends:

Monitoring major market trends such as drug launches, orphan drug status designations, or discontinuations will keep you abreast of your competitors.

New liaisons, deals, and collaborations:

Optimize business development and licensing strategies while identifying new opportunities.

Portfolio management:

Optimize your drug portfolio by assessing risks and opportunities. Asset prioritization also helps in developing various strategic options. Some drugs or compounds may suddenly need to be deprioritized. In such cases, pipeline analysis can lead to a better understanding of the competitive landscape and being vigilant about the evolving scenarios. It also impacts new R&D initiatives.

Regulatory milestones:

Analyze success factors by examining the clinical trial attributes critical for a new drug’s clinical and regulatory success. Mapping the competitor’s regulatory roadmap will help you formulate your own regulatory strategy.

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Factors such as cost, competition, and regulation continuously keep the healthcare environment in a dynamic movement. Our focus and collective expertise in the Pharma sector has steadily supported our customers in developing and maintaining dependable market and sales strategies to generate profits, commercialize innovative treatments, and optimize methods to promote existing drug therapies.

Our robust competitive intelligence programs have helped pharmaceutical companies use comprehensive competitive intelligence information to be ahead of the competition and play successful long innings in the market. From pipeline analysis services to assist you in every step in the drug life cycle process, our team is equipped to create customized solutions that help you meet your business goals and needs.