What We Do


  • Web-based threat intelligence assessment platform which is user centric and customizable
  • Will enable you to assess your competition dynamically and refine your strategic goals


Integrated Monitoring

Long range consulting service which helps youkeep a close tab on the market. It gives both a bird’s eye view of the market landscape and a detailed roundup of all the relevant market events on a recurrent basis.

  • Optimal Dose – is a service offering with news and views that aims to declutter your inbox through a minimalist approach. Brevity is key to ensuring an ‘Optimal dose’ of relevant market events
  • Earnings and Healthcare Conferences reporting – Prepared remarks, Q&A and key takeaways will be concisely reported within 12 hours
  • Primary CI – Based on KITs/KIQs primary intelligence will be collected and reported on a need-to basis using our network of US/EU analysts. Techniques deployed will be consistent with industry standards
  • Quarterly reports – Synthesized reports based on market events and its impact on your portfolio. The frameworks and analysis plan will be carefully vetted to determine the most meaningful approach


Global On-site Conference Coverage

Start to finish coverage using both primary and secondary intelligence, ensuring a full capture of strategic events and competitor outlook.



  • Dynamic, global clinical trial monitor spanning multiple therapy areas
  • Monitored by our data architects routinely to ensure that data is current and accurate
  • Customization allows client specific views and analytics to answer in-house questions
  • Once stop shop for horizon scanning and exploring dynamic change in clinical landscapes


Ad-hoc Analyses

  • Market Landscapes
  • Product and company profiling
  • Threat and portfolio maps
  • Clinical Benchmarking

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